Antipodes LED Range of Products

Stairwell lighting is all about safely guiding people through an obstacle course. It is imperative that each stair tread, landing and change of direction is well lit as it is far too easy for people to get disorientated while using stairwells. Antipodes LED has some very specific products that use LED lighting to make maintenance almost a thing of the past. Maintenance of stairwells is a potential hazard as there are not a lot of flat areas to put ladders up. Securlite Effice Stairwell is an LED ceiling mounted product that uses secondary optics to put light just where it needs to go and doesn’t waste energy, while fully meeting specifications in terms of illuminating stair treads. Other solutions are wall mounting either on the landings or above the stairwell treads. There are a series of suitable, low maintenance, new generation LED fittings to achieve your aims, cost effectively and safely.

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