Antipodes LED Range of Products

Antipodes INL 600×600 recessed indirect luminaire

Antipodes LED recessed Softlight fixture for installation into GIB type ceiling or into exposed T-Rail systems.

These LED fittings are recommended for offices, especially those which have increased glare-control requirements. The Antipodes INL Softlight features a white-coloured matte reflector optic which provides this luminaire with its low glare performance. All this while benefiting from the energy efficiency and longevity of LED technology, if transitioning from traditional light sources.

The dimensions of the model 600 are (see dimensions in the image selection) A = 596 mm, B = 596 mm, C = 97 mm.

For more information about Antipodes INL such as product codes and their corresponding lumen and power outputs, click the catalogue link below.

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 62 x 62 x 15 cm
IP Rating



80-89, 90-100

Colour Temperature

3000K, 4000K


50 000h L80B50


DALI, 1-10 V, Standard On/Off

Mounting Method

Built in

Body Material

White painted steel