General Warehouse

Antipodes LED Range of Products

General warehouse LED lighting can be for many different tasks that happen inside a large open covered space. The key common component in these spaces is vertical illuminance which means the signage or labels we see in the vertical plane. Just think about the importance of all the labels on boxes, aisle letters or numbers, safe routes of travel, either designated walking or forkhoist routes. By increasing your vertical illuminances in between narrow aisles, accuracy and efficiency can be increased by 20-30% in increased productivity. Imagine getting things right first time, every time because the tasks being performed are accurately lit. LED Industrial lighting also lowers maintenance costs and by controlling the LED Highbays or LED lowbays with on board sensors, energy savings of up to %85 can be achieved. Because LED is a quality white light, good colour rendering makes accurate product selection a breeze. Antipodes LED uses BSS LED, Disano Lighting and EZZO LED products for their LED industrial and warehouse lighting solutions.