Aisle Shelving Lighting

Antipodes LED Range of Products

Aisle Shelving remains as one of the most complex of tasks to light well. Most existing installations do a great job at lighting the top of the shelving units (which is a complete waste of energy) and even lighting the first couple of metres of a 7-8 metre high racking system but now with the new generation LED lighting options, we can use secondary optics which diverts the light coming out of an LED chip and points it JUST in the direct we are asking for it to go. This maximises the lighting levels and minimises the wastage of energy by throwing light where it simply isn’t needed. These same optics also allow us to push light right down to the bottom of narrow aisles. This level of control, just hasn’t been available to us before. If your shelves are feeling in the dark, please use the contact tab on the left of this page and make contact with Antipodes LED. We primarily use BSS LED for these LED Lighting narrow aisle lighting solutions.