Antipodes LED Range of Products

Where as the modern commercial installations are focused largely on energy saving, Industrial lighting is generally more about lowering maintenance. Changing old technology lamps over productive manufacturing equipment can cost far more than the replacement lamp, or even the fitting and can often cost in the thousands of dollars per lamp by the time the OSH requirements are met, cherry pickers are hired, productive equipment is shut down (often massive losses through lost production) so LED lighting options are an essential part of Industrial lighting applications. If you are running a forkhoist through multiple storeage shelving runs, why do you need all the lighting on all the time, every where when you can add a sensor to light fittings within an aisle and light one aisle up at a time. There are energy savings up to 85% by using this form of control. If this sounds like something you’d like to investigate, please make contact with Antipodes LED using the contact details on the left of this page. We use BSS LED, ASD Lighting, Disano Lighting and EZZO LED product for solutions to your Industrial lighting LED highway and LED lowbay requirements.